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Posted: 12/4/2012 3:30 pm EST
Updated: 12/17/2012 3:55 pm EST (see "We Found" - Parma)

If most concussions occur without loss of consciousness, how would a high school coach determine a student has received a potentially serious injury?

Student journalists in Kent State University’s computer-assisted reporting class checked with high schools around the state and found some educating their coaches and tracking all concussions and some that don’t, like the superintendent who said, “It’s not something we pay attention to.”

Read the stories, check the policies, see who tracks concussions and who doesn’t.

And in the comment section, please tell us what your school is doing.

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Our Stories.

Colleen Darby14 Ohio high schools track concussions, while 7 said they do not track concussions.

Do Ohio high schools track all athletic concussions in games and practices? Kent State student journalists wanted to find out, but discovered that’s not an easy question to answer ..

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Mackenzie ClarkConcussion Policies Aren’t Universal

In a survey of 26 Ohio high schools, seven high school superintendents said their schools do not have an athletic concussion policy. Two stated they did not know whether or not their schools had a policy ..

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Aaron KinneyHigh schools inconsistent on concussion policies

Kent State University students called 24 Ohio high schools to ask a simple question: Does your athletics program have a concussion policy?

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Remarkable Statistic.

Youngstown's Remarkable Concussion Statistic

by Matt Jarchow

We Asked.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) requires the official of a high school sporting event to submit a report for any student athlete receiving a (suspected) concussion. But high school athletes spend far more time in practice than in actual games. We asked each high school if it tracks all concussions.

Does the school track concussions?

Is mandatory concussion training required of all coaches?

Does the school have a written policy for the handling of student athlete concussions?

Has School Administration assessed the increased risk of litigation posed by athletic concussions?

We Found.


school legal advisory policy req. training tracking
Akron Y N Y -
Ashtabula - Y Y -
Athens N N N N
Bay Village Y Y Y Y
Brunswick Y N N N
Canton Y N Y N
Chillicothe N Y Y Y
Cleveland - Y Y Y
Columbus Y Y Y Y
C. Falls Y Y Y Y
Dayton - N Y -
Gahanna Y Y Y Y
Kent N Y Y Y
Lakewood Y Y N Y
Medina Y Y Y Y
Mogadore Y N Y N
Napoleon N Y Y N
Parma Y - Y -
Ravenna N Y N Y
Steubenville - Y - -
Strongsville - Y N Y
Struthers - N Y N
Uniontown Y Y Y Y
Warren - Y Y Y
Youngstown - - Y -
Zanesville N Y Y Y


school documents
Chillicothe 48-page fact sheet & concussion report (pdf)
Gahanna concussion protocol & preparticipation physical eval (pdf)
Napoleon coach protocol & return to play protocol (pdf)
Parma fact sheets (parents & athletes); guide for coaches (pdf)
South West concussion protocols & procedures (pdf)
Strongsville concussion protocols & procedures (pdf)
Warren eligibility guide (pdf)
Zanesville pre-season form & guidelines for coaches (pdf)

Our athletic director reports that we have not had a concussion injury in nine years in this district. - Youngstown City School District

Most concussions occur without loss of consciousness. A concussion is a brain injury and all are serious. - The Centers for Disease Control


Dwayne Bray, ESPN Sports News Editor/Enterprise Reporting Unit, discusses how concussions change ESPN coverage.